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Impeccable organisation can help all aspects of life to run smoothly. I can help with the practical tasks such as finding a hairdresser, renewing your passport and sending flowers, enabling you to focus on your daily life in the knowledge that the details have been taken care of. 


  • Personal appointments - Hair/Beauty/Health (doctors, dentist, opticians) -A

  • Personal training, fitness membership and nutrition coaching - A

  • Reminders for special dates / anniversaries - A

  • Floral services - A

  • Personal shopping/Wardrobe assistance for an event

  • Taxi booking - A

  • Pet services (within your home - feeding/garden access and arranging walks) - A

  • Gift purchasing, wrapping & delivery - B

  • Watering plants - B

  • Passport renewal/applications - B

  • Arranging/renewing insurances - B

  • Senior Care (from a quick cuppa & chat to a grocery drop-off or even finding a new carer)

  • Internet Research

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